As a Real Return


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“There is a definite ideology or ideal that pushes us to create,” “The continuous flow of concerts, of composing, playing, meeting new places and making new friends, gives us some sort of ‘Satisfaction’, but there is no such thing as failure or success hidden behind it. There can be ups and downs, but it’s all part of the struggle. It’s about the ‘Give and Take’ between ourselves and others. Despite those ups and downs we can now consider Anchord ‘A Real Return To Us’.”


released January 10, 2017

This album has been recorded and mixed on August 2015 at Ultramarinos Costa Brava by Santi García.
Mastered by Víctor García at Ultramarinos Mastering.

Artwork by Gerard Serrano /midweststudio
Photos by André Tauber and Gerard Serrano

Songs and Lyrics by Anchord
Anchord are:
Víctor, Orestis, Pep, Jaume

LP is been released on these labels :
Saltamarges (ES) , Bcore (ES), La Agonía de Vivir (ES), Discos Finu (ES), Lockjaw Records (UK, CD)

Thanks to all friends, families, people that hosted us, gave us food, a floor to sleep and has supported us for making this possible.

Special thanks to Saltamarges, C.S Apaga la Tele and every diy organization or label that keeps this scene alive and running.



all rights reserved


Anchord Sarrià De Dalt, Spain

We are 4 guys who love making music, formed on 2013 at Sarria de Ter, GIrona. Described as a melodic punk rock band with a bit of an emo influence, that has been our story so far.

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Track Name: BD/CP
If you have secrets to keep
You will rise in the police force
The bigger your bike,
The bigger asshole you are
You say that everything you do
It’s for our security
But I’ve never believed a word
From someone who fanned the hierarchy
And denied his self-conscience
You, the invisible ally to protect
We, the ones to follow and abide
Your false ideals dissolve into
Raging gasoline and fire, fire!
Track Name: Christmas
It's a few weeks
Before the celebration
Color lights in the main shopping streets
To empty every pocket
Stomachs get prepared
For a whole week of food in a single dinner
Do we need an excuse to be together?
All that glitter
Hides some litter
Track Name: New Existence Plug-in
It’s the business of the century
So now please, produce in mass
This sensational new existence plug-in for everyone
Please sell me a fucking mind
I’ll afford anything I have
To get a mind, to be something more
Than just a square man
Just a no-one, just a square man
I want to buy a mind, I’ve never had one
So I’m telling you
You got my head
You got my mind
Am I in heaven or on standby
you got my head
you got my pride
Am I in heaven or on standby
Track Name: Plight Runaway
My head is currently such a horrible place to be in
Here goes nothing, no more misery, no more self-reflection

It´s always been about now and here
5 years now and (I’m) counting more
Get ready for the emotional
An emotional bloodbath

As I lay down staring at the ceiling

And today I´ll escape this plight
With the company of these friends, we don´t want no light
We are no messiahs to unite, we ignite tonight,
Through the songs we carry on in filling the void in this heart

As I lay down staring at the ceiling
Time flies by, as I cry on the pillow
Track Name: From a Cage
Skin against (the) concrete
Smooth shapes by the single lightbulb shadow
Ego has been beaten up
Hell’s always been out there
But it’s never been so real
And now, just the animal instinct
Head down, self-annulation
Hold the rage to madness
Make a wish of death and try to break it
To survive another day
Track Name: Gone Everywere
Now that you’re gone
It seems you’re everywhere
My world vanishes faster than it used to
I don’t have a solid speech yet
But I’ll find the words to tell
That I don’t care about the sacrifice
I learned how to live without hope
But I, I don’t think I’m gonna make it without you
Track Name: Joy is lost and therefore your voice
We are the brains, the whitecoats stole
And you, the victim of the theft
Yeah, here the wound might be made whole
(Your) The sense restored and healed the cleft
And since, of sanity bereft
To make the public buy the rag
And read it all again
Forever and ever
D-oh tidings of comfort to rejoice
Joy is lost and therefore your voice

We bystanders, our future in decline
Our plan for vengeance will come
(C)ages will collapse and springs will shine
Cages be unlocked
We grin at the bastards
Who pull the strings
They don't know how it feels
To miss everything
Track Name: Lackpitalism
Your whole style reeks ‘cause of your lack of empathy
I don´t want to be spoiled or fooled by your treachery
Rogues like you, coven of lies with promises
This heady elation of your wealth makes me sick

When your pieces fall one by one
Your slime will wither wherever you are
I just want to smash your teeth
On the curb of all the shit you've spread

You, discarded lovers that vanish in one night
You, unsuccessful suitors that die by the sunsets
Unfold your banner now and let the storm wash away your dirt

When your pieces fall one by one
Your slime will wither wherever you are
Track Name: La Muntanya
Puja a la muntanya
Amb les millors botes que té
i a mig pujar son per llençar
I arriba al cim descalç
Peus i genolls plens de sang

I si l’altre gent ho fa
Ell també ha de poder
Ni que sigui tirant-se pel barranc
Les excuses no el salvaràn
Quin es el preu de poder dir que ho ha aconseguit?
Potser la millor opcio és aceptar el fracàs
I si l’altre gent ho fa
Ell també ha de poder
Ni que sigui tirant-se pel barranc
Les excuses no el salvaràn
Quin es el preu de poder dir que ho ha aconseguit?
Potser la millor opcio és ser un putu fracassat
Track Name: Tambourine Prophets
Somebody once found
The very true evidence of god
And I can only say
That I’m happy he found himself
But no way there’s a hell
Worse than the thousands millions of people
Murdered in the name of religion
To satisfy their interests,
They took little empty minds
And filled them with plenty of lies